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Business Analysis Resources and Suggested Reading

BA Times - Resources for Business Analysis https://www.batimes.com/ Modern Analyst Media and Resources http://www.modernanalyst.com/ B2T Training Resource Directory https://www.b2ttraining.com/business-ana … rces/

What is the definition of a Business Analyst?

Business analysis has emerged as a core business practice in the 21st century. As the vital link between a firm’s information technology capabilities and its business objectives, skilled business analysts contribute to the profitability of companies large and small, in most every industry. Business analyst training can help you seize opportunities presented by a rapidly changing marketplace, by preparing you with the skills modern organizations need to remain competitive. The Role of the Busines…

Internship/Apprenticeship Tips and Advice - Prep

1. Always understand the bigger picture Being an intern it is very likely that you will sometimes get uninteresting jobs like sorting, research or organizing etc. The way to get motivated for these kinds of job is to always understand the bigger picture. If you have been asked to fill in an excel, then try to understand what will be the impact of that excel on the company’s operations and strategy. You may find out that the excel would be used by the CFO in one of his M&A projects or by a ma…