Stomping for STEAM - Kick Off & Welcome Letter


Technology eXpresso, the advocates and activist for STEAM , are excited to announce the 2017 date, Sunday, April 30th, for the STOMP for STEAM. You and 10 (more or less) of your friends meet (at your local track field) that morning of April 30th in your "Color Me STEAM" gear, snap pictures, connect , network and exchange information about existing STEM Educational, Career and/or Business resources and opportunities. You can give or get help and raise awareness about the urgency of expanding the STEAM movement in our communities. Come be a part of the fitness walk and but leave with the renewed energy and S-energy needed for us to collectively create a STEAM 'takeover' across our nation - leveraging the power of our local communities.


1. Why is STEAM worth Stomping for?

(STEAM) Science Technology Engineering, Art Design and Math are dominating the job market and were said to level the playing field for minorities and yet minorities are not aware, have limited access or even fearful of STEAM. The hidden success stories of minorities that have already mastered these fields as well as the hidden potential within our community need to be accelerated and amplified.

2. What is a stomp?

Our STOMP is a team fitness walk with a purpose to bring attention of all of the work and hidden figures in STEAM as well as to encourage a sense of urgency and a pep in our step and to invite more people to 'step up' and be a part of the STEAM movement in under-served communities.

3. Who should stomp for STEAM?

Educators, Parents, Students, Athletes, Coaches, Counselors, Advocates, Activist, Program Providers, Community Organizers, Leaders, Bloggers, Political Leaders, Church Leaders, Church Members, Community Business Owners (Barbershops, Hair Salons), Entrepreneurs, Diversity and Inclusion Supporters.

4. Where will this stomp take place?

Everywhere - that's the beauty of it all. You coordinate with your locate school or parks that has a track for walking. We've will have a set start time of 8:05am , everyone will show up in their Color Me STEAM sports wear and take a team picture and post to the Social Website then we are off and walking. At each finish line with be a "treat" and educational information regarding next steps and action items.

5. How does the Stomp benefit my community or address the problem?

Our goal is to get both social media and national media attention which in turn will get the attention of sponsors for local and national programs. This is a show of individual communities showing in an single act of unity that this is an important issue for us and instead of being passive we are going to aggressively be the change that is needed in our communities.

6. When will we be given further instructions?

First reply to this email with the message "I'm ready to Stomp for STEAM"! Go to our registration form and fill out your initial information (you don't have to have all of your stomp 'crew' identified, you can update the form once you confirm your team). /Stomp4STEAM

You can always get information and updates via our podcast and the best way to not miss a message is to download our mobile app.

......Keep Calm and Prepare to STOMP - April 30th!

For More information call 855 - 484 - 6837